Only Because……..


Sometimes we realise only because we are not showing attitude, relationships staying with us…..We will be able to see the end of those relationships but still we hold on to it because how ever would they behave we knew we want them…..we can’t go ahead without them!!!!

28 thoughts on “Only Because……..

  1. Life is full of tough decisions and choices… Some hurt while others bring happiness… Yes I do agree with your words… But the moment we realize it, we have a choice in our hands… Relationship or Behaviour


  2. Hmm…yes..and in my point of view, It’s all the mental thing.

    I say better to LET GO. Don’t hold on to something that won’t last and you know it.

    You might be thinking better said than done. But I have done it.

    Wish you the very best in life 🙂 Cheers

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