Morning Crunch Munch….Breakfast!




Each morning is a new opportunity. It’s time to give one more  try for that, since from past few times we would be failing. Time to feel regain, to blend in all that we thought to in yesterday. Time to have all the same hopes and believes as was in us at the last sunset.

Time to grab the “present”(Gift) not to hold on to cemetery of past….
Keep grabbing your day as present till I scribble again!!!!!!!!





4 thoughts on “Morning Crunch Munch….Breakfast!

  1. Thank you for such inspiring words at the start of the week.. Yes you are right.. Many times people try to only think about the past and suffer, instead of correcting it and moving forward.. On reading your post I remembered a saying.. I hope its ok if I say it.. And i quote, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.. That’s why it is called PRESENT”

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  2. Most welcome and Thank you for sharing your words. First it’s always a cheer up for the bloggers to know ,their words at least reached few!!!!! and secondly knowing others thoughts extension for our thoughts, we get some new orientations.

    The saying is very simple to understand and worth to remember each day 🙂

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  3. Hmmm Thank you so much Sarah :), It’s just that I share how i feel on each day and love to get others perspective on same matter :)…… Really am glad to know i could remind forgotten people 🙂


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