I just wanted to hit him!!!!!!

Why sometimes we just can’t do what we are willing to do!!!!!!!!??????, that moment that person was just next to me, was getting provoked to hit him, that person is a sly-boot, selfish, narrow minded, how in this world such people are always given with power?????, why such people misuse their power to feed their Ego’s????, why they just can’t accept the fact, there are people who are more than them!!!. What they get playing in others life????….They can’t be known with all the hard realities of that person’s life in whose they are just insanely playing!!!!!…….. I wish I would someday hit that person!!!!!!!

I think i have a chance to inspire that person in whose life this guy is playing, to work to the core hard to get success and excellence in his work…which is like hitting that person mentally , which will certainly break him into infinite invisible pieces!!!!!

We always have some way to full fill our wishes!!

Scribble soon!!!

One thought on “I just wanted to hit him!!!!!!

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