Never Miss To do!!!!

Each day it’s very important to wake up with lots of love for our-self.

It’s really necessary to have some vague plan to follow for the day(ALMOST FOR EVERYDAY).

Every situation has a brighter side to look in which can be seen if we stay calm, so keep yourself calm.

Whatever you do behind that let the intention be to either enrich your knowledge or to guard yourself from negativity or to spread love,care affection or to stay responsible never the intention be to feed your Ego.

At Dusk,take some time to share your problem and make your dear-ones to share as well…sharing always makes us feel better and sometimes our perspective makes the situation sound very tough where as when we share and gets to know others perspective which would very easy way of looking at the situation.

At the end of the day, feel guilty for the mistakes you have done on the day,think for the ways to follow so that you can prevent repeating.

None of the day you miss to give time to yourself, to do things which you like ,which keeps you alive and energetic . Never miss to see yourself in mirror everyday . Self interpolation is must will looking at yourself through the mirror.

Bedtime never miss to be grateful for everything you got.

These are few things which really gonna keep us happy for entire day.

Enjoy your day!!!!!!

Scribble soon!!!

22 thoughts on “Never Miss To do!!!!

  1. Beautiful.. you won’t believe it pal, today morning I just thought of few things that you’ve mentioned here. We all forget that it’s our life that we are living, not others. We are always good at prioritizing our problems and think that we are the only ones under such pressure and we love that state, but on sharing you will understand that those were not at all a problem in your life. Take your life a little lighter, feel the glide.

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  2. Guilt is being angry with yourself. Anger only depletes the energy of the person on who it is inflicted on. So guilt becomes an emotional depletor of our own inner strength


    • Yeah you are right, the context in which i have told is something this: Guilt also can be a ” look over” of our mistakes, being sorry, realizing and accepting what mistake we have done is also part of feeling guilt which eventual channelizes us in finding way to correct our mistakes and to know how to avoid same mistakes in future .

      Yet, Thanks for your perspective sharing !!!!. Very much appreciated.


  3. Very inspiring post.

    i do one thing mentioned in it. Spend a lot of time with myself. I feel its necessary as people need to learn how to live without anybody’s support.

    Thanks for sharing, cheers (y)


  4. Yes issue of Post comment problem is only on your about..!
    Your blog is very very nice..! and want to comment on you about page …..! 😦


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