Keep distilling your thoughts.

How is it something which is correct for us is not correct for some other individual?? Which is right for us, is wrong for someone. It looks like such a complicated puzzle to solve, questions remain unanswered. This happens when we get settled with our perspective. These right-wrong-correct are all individual based definitions, sometimes depends on the situation an individual is passing through. When we start thinking as, everybody have their own thoughts in defining the things; have their own emotional struggles which will have impact in their doings, we can accept more number of people in life and be very happy, have good understanding, and strengthen the relationships we have.


Someone gets frustrated and freaks out with us in a way they had never been… We get badly hurt, we just opt to cry thinking how they could do such?? We start chanting what all we have done for them……

  • We forget the foremost thing – when we give/do something for someone we should forget what we have done.
  • Never have expectation of getting pay back for our doings to others.
  • We think about our hurt, but forget to realize, what they would have been going through which made them behave so unexpectedly, which is far to their core nature.
  • They behaved such with you, being a closed one means they certainly are in worse state and need your help in deed.

How much ever you may know the person, the mental state has infinite splits, there will be so many things unsaid, unrevealed…… So don’t get settled up, keep distilling your thoughts, for a while remember all the good moments you shared with each others, make yourself prepared to face a shattered state of mind and then speak… You may help that person in realizing that what they were doing thinking to be correct is not correct for them or you may get to know some fragile part of them, and as a responsible person in a true relationship (any relationship), you may help them in becoming a strong individual@!!!!!


This is distilling………..

Let’s never get settled and opt to be self centric thinking about a situation.



Will scribble soon!!!!

2 thoughts on “Keep distilling your thoughts.

  1. Pallavi it is a little complicated thing.what is right for one can be wrong for others.but yes i always defended myself till i was sure i was not hurting someone i had a good reason for doing it like i comment now in your are reading my poems.That itself is a good enough reason to comment here i believe.but there are some i know who writes brilliantly but not reads any of my poems.they have a reason not to read mine and i have a reason to read theirs.did i made your topic confusing 😆


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