19 thoughts on “Beaut!!!

  1. a kid is like a flower right?roses have thorns right?sorry my mind went somewhere.see ashmitaa the last four lines you said you liked in my poem actually was not like that yesterday.since there are no comments i thought lets change it.and here we go a good comment from you.if our heart says change it,just change it right?by the way tumko job ke liye nahi jan he?you are in leave or you have acess to internet there?you work nearby or which sate?
    you are from bangalore right?


  2. no,just some words i searched from internet.actually i have heard people talking something like illa barthini,neenu hasru enu something is kanada a tough language?


  3. It’s so beautiful. It’s like short and sweet and has the essence of a really beautiful poetry just like the title says. 🙂


  4. Your pictures are really nice! And I like the way that you talked about how, even though the flower was small, it brought you out of a “gloomy wing.” Really enjoyed it!


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