A thought about Life!!!

Life is all about taking chances. It’s about doing something you initially thought you could never do. It’s about being little crazy, following your heart and not worrying about every detail of what everyone else thinks.

Above all, it’s about learning to love who you are, what you have…. and channelize yourself to get what you want!!!!

Unsatisfied state always drains energy; it helps us in no way…. A sense of satisfaction for what we have certainly avoids that drain and we can use the same energy to move ahead for gaining, fulfilling our expectations that we hold for ourselves!!!

Leave being unsatisfied and love yourself!!

Will scribble soon.

10 thoughts on “A thought about Life!!!

  1. Hey Ashmitha,

    Nice thought. I have written a blog post on the same. It’s in my blog called reaching horizon. I have done some crazy stuff in life. But please be sure that when you follow your heart, ask your brains also if it’s right or wrong. I don’t regret anything but I could have done better. That’s just my opinion.

    I like your last stanza. It’s very true. Unsatisfied soul drains every bit of energy that you have. Have a blog post coming up for that.


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    • Thank you Anoop, I think when you have homed few members like truthfulness, humanity, promptness, acceptance in your heart without interpolation your heart itself wont recommend you anything. This is my personal experience!!!

      Yeah unsatisfied state never let us be happy about what we possess. Looking forward for your post on same thing!!!


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