Eternity heals the hurt

Cool breeze in it’s insane mood,
Pushing them to a enthralling mode.
magic of touch was unwind
through intoxicant warmth lid.

Fire of desire,
planned it’s arrival.
entwined, embraced the sheer,
melted the layer of humble.

Soul entered
the place of heavenly hood,
isolated from this sphere hood,
closeness was such one,
they could listen the beats of another one.

Wisdom, ego bowed down,
to the Entice the beauty held.
Visceral rumbling of solidarity
compelled them to a harmony.

Wrapped close by blanket of compassion,
plundering each others’ emotion.
maverick words were seeping,
irrevocable was that mingling .

Time to break the wear of shy,
moment to express the desire to stay,
both knew each others’ limits,
warmth was enough to make them forget their fears.
It was love couched in serene,
made them feel the eternity they are living with.

They miss the togetherness,
when they were at far distance.
it was never yearning, hankering, craving of a physicality,
it was their love expressed in most expressive way.
it’s impulsive preference to heal all their hurt.

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