A story of someone…Probably a GIRL’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birth because of someone’s lust,
From day one in laps of WORST.
First name was Orphan,
She was for grant to everyone.


She could never remember her childhood,
Except her struggle for food.
Lost her hand to heed and daze the satisfied minds,
To collect some penny assuring her tomorrow’s sunrise.


Pity, sympathy, euphony’s akin shower,
never useful to fulfill her BREW HUNGER.


Teenage is a beautiful world,
how could it be same to that GIRL,
when her age becomes a thirsty hunter,
targeting her soul for brutal murder.


She was destined to a masquerades place,
where she has to win fury soul,
for whose jest she was just a object in whole.


Grim spread it’s wide wing,
she drowned brimful in sink of someone’s sin.
Waned by the world of barbarism,
where her count was in sarcasm.


Reverie lust mind left her in nude,
not just in dark room,
but also in her life of gruesome.

What was her mistake????,
to be born for a mistake of someone??????

30 thoughts on “A story of someone…Probably a GIRL’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The way you put forth the journey…… it really very touching……

    That’s how the world is.. For the mistake of one, somebody else suffers…. could be in any context…. People always target the weak and suffering…. coz thy are the ones who can be easily destroyed and used as needed……

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  2. Very very sad… I thought at least you would give a happy ending for her life full of struggles… May be you writers become cruel just to make people think a little more of the happenings in the world… May be some people who read those painful stories take a step each forward to stop them?

    Question was can we do something really? I am getting a little satisfaction by supporting the petitions on https://www.change.org/

    May be some more people join https://www.change.org/ after reading this heartbreaking poem…

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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    • It’s not about me giving happy ending in my writing Sindhoooo, I want to put it as it is in REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yeah we can stop this when we change our perspective , when we change the way we look at people!!!!!!!

      Even am satisfied to be part of the https://www.change.org/ organization by signing a petition recently which was about raising memorandum regarding rape in schools!!!!!

      Thanks for your valuable comment SIndhoooo..:)

      Yeah as you said in last, am hoping people will bring change in their thinking!!!!!!!


      • Glad to know that you are also a part of change.org 🙂 Yes, I have signed that petition too… I am happy that we are able to put and we are putting the least effort possible by us to change the society…

        TC! Keep smiling 🙂


      • Exactly 🙂 Now, I think we really have the right to speak about changing things and we can assertively keep up our words being a part of some causes…

        Happy Weekend Dear 🙂


    • Hi Shiv,
      I have attended your photography workshop conducted recently at Continental automotive pvt ltd, Bangalore…:)…. Very grateful for stopping by ,read and comment :)….


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