The Rose


Girl was downhearted,
Selling this flower at street end
A flower with pleasant fragrance and contemplative color
Has not made its presence in life of that little.

She was trying to see through long distance
To get a customer to empty her basket.
She recited the cost many times
To plunder the attention of people lost in their vibes.

Her eyes were screening her pain,
A thorn of her life pricking her from inside.
She looked at every child passing by her
Murmured it just can be a day dream for her

People were celebrating
In fast food centers
Sipping coke, eating burger just as part of fun
Where an innocent soul
Was struggling to get one time food
To live through her doom!!!

People were cherishing with Mannequin
Took their selfies posing with it
Ignoring a breathing doll
Waving humbly at them to buy a rose.

Screaming vulnerably, Just for ten..Just for ten……….a doll’s play, rolls down at dusk of that day!!!!!!!!!!!

31 thoughts on “The Rose

  1. Wow…. I mean, seriously gal… This is just a beautiful way to put forth her emotions through ur words… Such painful life of an innocent, should make everybody think “What am I doing…”

    Salute to the little soul for the struggle, and salute to you for the interpretation….

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  2. Aww this is such a beautiful and innocent expression. Loved the way you have en-wrapped emotions of that little girl in the form of poetry. She was selling roses… the beauty of nature and people were busy celebrating their happiness with the unnatural things. Sad it is.

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    • Yeah rukh,this is the culture inculcated in most of the youngsters today!!!!!!!…………. They adore gadgets and so artificial things that’s way sarcastically i said “Cherishing with mannequin” !!! .Thanks for reading and comment Rukh!!!


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