Ajeeb dil hai mere yaar!! ( Heart such a Weird, my friend)

We will be knowing there are people around who are suffering with problems more than us. Suffer or you say that’s the struggle which give meaning to the life. To our heart, until a predominant evidence is provided, see this person has problems more than you, it feels the most weakest.

Here is what happened at the most happening spot in office for women :D….. yes my lovely ladies u got me right i.e solution spot for all problems– Restroom/washroom :P……….. a colleague of mine seems to be very dull, exhausted since forth night, I just asked her how are you ???…seems tired???, We girls are like “Beer” in opening ourselves, her reply was in most bland way “haaaaaa….yaar teekh hu !!!!!!”(in prolonged way she said am ok)…….. I said be happy that’s the universal solution to get rid of something and to get best results from our doings!!!!!…….

To drag attention and push some energy into, I weaved and parallel started saying to her, “You know what Priyanka(Sorry for late introduction of my colleague or u say lead of the story :P) recently I met a person, who looks so blithe, enthusiastic though carries a bag full of medicines all along with him everywhere, He is suffering from so many health issues but by looking at him nobody can make this out.“ I asked him “Mr.X how could it be possible for you with these many issues being cheerful all the time????”, His answer was “I can’t get rid off this health issues, I should take intense care of mine, Why to lose the irreversible present because of something which can’t be changed??????????? Rather I found a way to be happy along with it!!!!!!!!!!…as am now!!!!!”

I went silent, Priyanka looked relived with smile she started speaking, “ufffffffffffff feeling so better dear by heart, thanks for speaking!!!!!!!”…..conveying her gratitude with so much energy and smile on her face she moved to door and I turned to mirror and asked “when did u met that Mr.X Asmithaaa????????? :D”

Ajeeb dil hai,
sambalna mushkil hai,
samjao use bache ki tarah.

jhoote kahani hi sahi,
kabhi kabhi bolte rehna.

sambhal jayega, kilkar har mushkilko nigal jayega!!!

14 thoughts on “Ajeeb dil hai mere yaar!! ( Heart such a Weird, my friend)

  1. Hey Ashmii,

    This was a nice read and I smiled reading some lines for obvious reasons. Hope your colleague is doing well now and I also hope to meet Mr.X soon 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Have a great day!

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  2. I deeply respect the persons who know how to smile in trouble.. Most of us know the theoretical ways to stay hhappy but find it difficult to apply it in our real situations..
    I mean, one of the way of staying happy is to say HELLO with a smile to everyone while passing by.. It seems great too but how many of us do it normally??? We humans will keep fighting with ourselves, no matter what.

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