Recognition is award to your work!!!!!!!!!

Am very glad to share with my fellow bloggers and readers that one my poem got published in Ezine Magazine’s November edition. Here is the link- . Your feedback back is the way for my improvement. Provide your feedback in this link which will help my work to get recognized as “Exceptional Poem” title if it’s worth bcoz my work has already passed one criteria for that title i.e Zero editing!!!!…..

Every like, comment and critic is appreciated
In advance
Thank you everyone
Live for yourself on well defining “YOURSELF”!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Recognition is award to your work!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey congrats Asmitha 🙂 and It was a beautiful poem !! Loved reading it !!
    I came across this post today, as today I received a mail from writer’s enzine that my poem has been selected for the March 2015 issue 🙂
    Happy for the recognition !! 🙂 First time, something of this sort..!!
    And I have a little confusion; where do I find the link to my poem on their web site..??
    Just was a ‘lil curious, out of excitement 😀


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