I am mad at this life, want to be like mad…

I want to gulp the flavors of life, just like gulping saliva in passionate mad kissing….

I want to coalesce the threads of life…just like mad, divine mingling, of twain sweats blend in warmth lock!!!

Madness is being gallant…letting u have no second thought to get exposed to all coming radiance though you know it may naked you sometimes…

Madness is experiencing beyond limits, living in true strength of emotions, sometimes in trance of it….

Madness is not worrying about every detail of what others think about you, your choices, your perceptions…

Madness is whatever happens staying for yourself…

Am madly in love with my madness…yes am mad!!!!!

Hail storms!!!
Redefining myself, Ashmiiiii!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Mad!!!!!!

    • Oh man…You just made me live utter happiness on sharing that link…… I remember , thought process of mine while writing this post which something what told in that post too!!!!!…… holy moment is that, those are OSHO’s thoughts…..!!!!!!!!


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