Drama starts like this…….

Curtains raises,
seen was about eyes,
of that senorita,
searching for whom caballero,
drilled entire words womb.

Urge took its first birth,
leaped into sea of cast.
Scenes went one on one,
caballero could made to her courtyard.

Words boarded first,
in no time voice sailed to that shore.
For split seconds of Queen,
man with love craved prolong.

He splashed his compassion,
in side out he could ever canvas.
Purity he saw in her heart,
Bought all smugness for the man with candour .

Nude expressions,
they spilled on faces,
profound in their way of being,
made them easy to perceive the grill.

She owns a shore of scar,
still he sailed on and on with his ardour for her.
He started having her in everything,
even lived the moments in gasp of night’s warmth.

He is drenched by her,
Or say by his musings in serene.
What that heart gonna get,
Is something time have to reveal.

“I had made love to you in dreams”
Words from him, luring, echoing in her ears.
She wonders, what thread in her,
made this affinity to occur.
Shall she let him breath her breath?, is what remained unresolved till drama ends…….

Never seen, hardly known to each, mysterious thread behold this shore and his heart…….

Life is such epic drama…..,

Flares spread!!!!!

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