Why were you here????

In my own shore,
was relaxing taking off shoes worn since two years.
Was done with all,
was subtle……even my shore had same title.

And you arrived….you arrived..
You expressed..just expressed…
You swam through me…just swam for long,
Silently I was with you in all staying just behind you….

I showed am completely drenched,
you showed you are done with everything here,
some norms,
some believes,
some thinking as reasons,
ignoring my ink,
pushing me to get sick.

Today, I see you gathered well,
seems like, you just lied all well,
or had spilled surface level,
or cheated mean while.
Whatever,…why were you here???
You have any clue
what am going through with this glue???………

Completely wet by something,
which is not mine,
weather is chill around,
not letting me to dry…

Why were you here?
to ensure I can bare anymore chaos tear??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asmitha, trying to gather up herself, again 😥 ~~~~~~~~~

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