Unassailable Stuffs, I

It’ s been quite some time I thought of watching couple of videos , before I unroll this post,I would like to tell you about my way of watching and reading any new stuff, sometimes I just watch but sometimes I really watch, making no sense?…now it will, “I just watch” here I see, is it hit-or-miss stuff, remunerative,  pleasing to my wisdom? (wisdom need to be pleased??, mine YES!! :P) and Capable to hold back to my seat without my own effort of doing it…. “I really watch”…here am much intended to watch it…whatever comes it will curtains.


Once is blue moon I say “According to the hoyle”(considering my mind’s two watching pattern) .Am penning down about “First part”of such one series of video from my recently watched triumphant video I must say in trapping my MIND in both ways!!!! ..I call them unassailable Stuffs….


We all own our world…..it speak our voice, its beneath lies our wisdom of expressing our perception, poise of dealing with situations……

Watch here – Pachude Lokam ( Pachu’s World), his world he showcase here ,take what your wisdom permits!!!!


***Certainity is always a limited Edition ;)… meet the actots , MR. Director here, do inbox them your bits, they welcome everything as they see their growth in every aspect –

Mithun Sundresh – https://www.facebook.com/mithun.sundaresh?fref=ts

Ramesh Mennon ( candy crush Actor 😛 ) – https://www.facebook.com/ramesh.menon.7370

It’s ok girls , no need to Thank me for easing your work of searching for them in FB 😉 :p 😀


Craziness is zipped and hidden in this shore 😉

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