Countryside Dream

Countryside dream

I have winged this,
When my heart says,
Unleash from curb
& take a swing miss.

Abode where I live in trance,
deep nights seem ceaseless.
Morning hue shiver the virile’ s
lingered ardent gasp……..

Vague manoeuvre,
in the meticulous embrace.
Supping the rufous wine,
innumerably absorbed by those split lines.

Urge for more wine,
or covet to dig in the gold mine,
gulping breath,
lips went in tilt.
scout’s hand around amber waist,
pulling her to him,
lips got locked in evincing depth.

Drenched in quaffing wine,
letting to mingle each other’s divine,
stupendous sharing,
of drunken wine.

Home where window,
let the wind of bow,
fondling the souls in serene,
causing gust to explore more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unimaginable musings

No strings attached Soul!!!



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