With time everything changes, our perceptions, behaviors, mannerisms so do the “About me”….. I would be willing to say much more other than what I shared before under “About category”…

I started almost 2 years ago to pen down everything I live through to unleash my soul from the burdens it get to carry along from the circumstances it faces. This ink which reflected me in whole successfully liberated me from all frowns , enlightened me with the occurrence of the blend of different perceptions my readers reflect over my piece of content.

I inhaled this art of playing with words, smartly I could even hide myself ,this though made it easy for me resulted in accumulation of residues of every situation I tried to bring out through words but never could make it possible  as I couldn’t or dint wanted to put it too bluntly!!!!……….Which am going to embrace right from here.

Here is little bit more about me ….a peerless dreamer, believer of nomadic pattern and abstract living, ransack in picking souls for life, living fully the journey of discovering my own definition of life…a bit crazy, much moody and the most mad….

You are @shore of “La Loca”
See you on bake of my next piece of content!!

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