Am not a Feminist!!….

Howbeit ‘M not a feminist!!!!!!!!!!!…So I sound against tussling women??!!!!!!!!!! , isn’t it

Am writing this to entire human race, a race believed, lived in pragmatic way since an era, believing in togetherness which is  irrespective of the religion they follow, language they use, tribe they belong to.  That race is still alive, living, infusing within themselves,  benevolence ( an extreme kindness), munificence(generosity) and altruism. I agree with you dear world, we find very few who have analogous believe, but believe me the count is certainly not none.
Why always solution is found in the extremist ways???? , You need not to oppose a gender in whole for the crucify and torment you have faced. Problem doesn’t lie in gender,race or religion, it’s in the Mentality!!!!!!!……. Target that.

How many examples we have, where a woman is against an other women, who is enjoying her common rights, right to speech( disobeying rituals followed as she doesn’t find it meaningful), freedom to think (who is dressed as per her like)…. In total what am saying is,Always target to change the mentality, not any gender, race or religion!!!!

Believe, have tendency to behold hope in your prolong quest to meet that race…HUMANE HUMAN RACE!!, they are alive!!!, it’s beautiful to live humane!!

I ask you, don’t you belong to such one race???!!… who believe, live unbound from any BINDED CONCEPTIONS!!.

DEBRIEF, QUESTION YOURSELF TODAY , you might see yourself part of such race one day!!!, towards peaceful world!!!

Asmithaaa…. Thirsty for being humane forever!!!


Shore where,
water meets sand glare…
shore where barque,
meets land to its anchor…..

Shore where,
thirst meets content…..
shore where,
musings meet abut…….

Shore where,
some torment meets peace…..
Shore where,
itself resides in misery……

A boat says,
Shore where,
awe is in each splinter…..
Shore where,
intoxicating night’s musk is such so common…

Shore where,
a boat sailed by its wish……
Shore where,
senorita is missing to discern………

Shore where,
a beauteous  heart walking alone……
shore where,
hopes are still on, to get her hands along……

Shore where
hands to hold, is dead…………
Shore where
sour is already in blend………….
Shore where,
search for soothing, is endless……..
Shore where,
your  hopes seemed bare ….

One old!!


Zindagi ke iss anjaane safar pe,
Aap aaye kyu the hamare kinaare pe,
Kam tha kya??? Dard hamare seene main,
Jo aap bhi chodgaye apne hisaab ke????

Kisne bulaya tha aapko yahan???
Humne tho koi bhulava nahi bhijvayatha….
Kisne bola tha apne dil ki baat ko izhaar karne keliye,
Jab aap ko pata tha, aapka dil jeetha hi nahi zindagi ke asli seediyon pe …

Aap aaye aur chale gaye, Humaare kinaare ko ujaadke ,
Nafrat ki koi goonj tak nahi goonjthi thi hamare dil mein kabhi….
Aapke kamzhor, bey bhuniyaad bhavanao ne,
majboor kardhiya hai humhe, ye soch ne keliye,
sirf nafrat ujaad sakti hai aapko humare dil ke aanganse .

Kabhi kabhi Nafrat bhi zaroori hai!!!! Can I hold this for long??

Asmithaaa……… Gathering herself!!

Why were you here????

In my own shore,
was relaxing taking off shoes worn since two years.
Was done with all,
was subtle……even my shore had same title.

And you arrived….you arrived..
You expressed..just expressed…
You swam through me…just swam for long,
Silently I was with you in all staying just behind you….

I showed am completely drenched,
you showed you are done with everything here,
some norms,
some believes,
some thinking as reasons,
ignoring my ink,
pushing me to get sick.

Today, I see you gathered well,
seems like, you just lied all well,
or had spilled surface level,
or cheated mean while.
Whatever,…why were you here???
You have any clue
what am going through with this glue???………

Completely wet by something,
which is not mine,
weather is chill around,
not letting me to dry…

Why were you here?
to ensure I can bare anymore chaos tear??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asmitha, trying to gather up herself, again 😥 ~~~~~~~~~

What do words mean to me!!!!!!!

*A mere try to express!!!!!!

Never deceptive,
Never tainted in perceiving me.
Never Belittle my hobble,
whenever I was pauper to babble.

Like flute blends
air to melody……….
Words always sheer canvassed,
my every reverie………..!!!

You in Me as a temper,
Me in you, as in temple.
is always unknown,
still we are best known!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In and out with words…. My best pal!!!!


Drama starts like this…….

Curtains raises,
seen was about eyes,
of that senorita,
searching for whom caballero,
drilled entire words womb.

Urge took its first birth,
leaped into sea of cast.
Scenes went one on one,
caballero could made to her courtyard.

Words boarded first,
in no time voice sailed to that shore.
For split seconds of Queen,
man with love craved prolong.

He splashed his compassion,
in side out he could ever canvas.
Purity he saw in her heart,
Bought all smugness for the man with candour .

Nude expressions,
they spilled on faces,
profound in their way of being,
made them easy to perceive the grill.

She owns a shore of scar,
still he sailed on and on with his ardour for her.
He started having her in everything,
even lived the moments in gasp of night’s warmth.

He is drenched by her,
Or say by his musings in serene.
What that heart gonna get,
Is something time have to reveal.

“I had made love to you in dreams”
Words from him, luring, echoing in her ears.
She wonders, what thread in her,
made this affinity to occur.
Shall she let him breath her breath?, is what remained unresolved till drama ends…….

Never seen, hardly known to each, mysterious thread behold this shore and his heart…….

Life is such epic drama…..,

Flares spread!!!!!

A promise

I walked with you,
hand in hand.
Never bothered,
to look around……

I held you
breath by breath.
Never gave a thought,
what will be next…….

I shared,
moment on moment.
forgot the foretell,
just lived in present……

I read,
page by page.
though it’s not my book,
I enjoyed the take…

I flew,
Wind by wind.
Never been scared,
of losing my wings…….

Time by time
I realize…
You are perfect at your slot
Yet not me though……..


“Was”is in,
its the truth to be taken in,
let me see
how long yesterday’s
promise lives!!!!!!!

Gentleman’s promise…awaiting Ashmiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am mad at this life, want to be like mad…

I want to gulp the flavors of life, just like gulping saliva in passionate mad kissing….

I want to coalesce the threads of life…just like mad, divine mingling, of twain sweats blend in warmth lock!!!

Madness is being gallant…letting u have no second thought to get exposed to all coming radiance though you know it may naked you sometimes…

Madness is experiencing beyond limits, living in true strength of emotions, sometimes in trance of it….

Madness is not worrying about every detail of what others think about you, your choices, your perceptions…

Madness is whatever happens staying for yourself…

Am madly in love with my madness…yes am mad!!!!!

Hail storms!!!
Redefining myself, Ashmiiiii!!!!!!