A promise

I walked with you,
hand in hand.
Never bothered,
to look around……

I held you
breath by breath.
Never gave a thought,
what will be next…….

I shared,
moment on moment.
forgot the foretell,
just lived in present……

I read,
page by page.
though it’s not my book,
I enjoyed the take…

I flew,
Wind by wind.
Never been scared,
of losing my wings…….

Time by time
I realize…
You are perfect at your slot
Yet not me though……..


“Was”is in,
its the truth to be taken in,
let me see
how long yesterday’s
promise lives!!!!!!!

Gentleman’s promise…awaiting Ashmiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am mad at this life, want to be like mad…

I want to gulp the flavors of life, just like gulping saliva in passionate mad kissing….

I want to coalesce the threads of life…just like mad, divine mingling, of twain sweats blend in warmth lock!!!

Madness is being gallant…letting u have no second thought to get exposed to all coming radiance though you know it may naked you sometimes…

Madness is experiencing beyond limits, living in true strength of emotions, sometimes in trance of it….

Madness is not worrying about every detail of what others think about you, your choices, your perceptions…

Madness is whatever happens staying for yourself…

Am madly in love with my madness…yes am mad!!!!!

Hail storms!!!
Redefining myself, Ashmiiiii!!!!!!


Hey I never could write for you,
Had inexorable journey being in you,.
I probably never can do anything “for”
Yeah I certainly can do being “in”.

Am in trance of my own self,
Wanna take this leap from cliff.
To read in the deepest living firm,
melting myself wanna flow with your lava fire…….

Ashmiiiiiii…. I will never let you down for anything…… Will be in you soon 🙂

Redefining myself!!!!

One such letter

I read it many times,
Locking  myself to that musings.
Trance whispering near my ears,
Hey Let’s just get lost,
In that unsullied wits….

Enticing words,
Enthralling rubric of these seconds.
It was Quintessence of Pungent,
Of that caballero in haste.

On a twig of never knew,
Urge incite this hue.
Words gave the feel of touch,
Goosebumps ornate the physique in whole.

Dear heart decipher this prevalent pull,
Inhaled on first puff of it’s dwell.
Under blanket of serene,
In love to live that moment which were in words took it’s birth on urge.!!!!!

Wrote imagining to have received one such letter!!!

Zero tolerance for Violence!!!!!…Let’s get educated to eradicate violence against children !!!!!!

My dear fellow Bloggers, I would like to share that, I am very happy to be a part of my company ( Continental Automotive Pvt Ltd, India) which not only does it’s business, but also conveys their social responsibility by organizing sessions from resourceful people to their employee about parenting .

I feel it’s my time to do something for social responsibility I too behold.

19 November is World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children. The sad reality of abuse and violence against children is that it’s prevalent all over the world. Sometimes closer than we think, in our own homes even.

Violence is preventable.

I genuinely feel the following Information helps in lot many ways to all my readers while dealing up with these critical and sensitive matters of their lovely children!!! .

I believe the more we talk, read and write about this terrible evil, the more we are aware, the better we are equipped to act. We are all connected by the word “Child” in many ways, as mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, neighbor, above all as a Human.

Now for some facts, we must all be aware of, via UNICEF. 

.What is physical violence?
Physical violence against children includes all corporal punishment and all other forms of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment as well as physical bullying and hazing by adults or by other children. ‘Corporal’ (or ‘physical’) punishment is defined as any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light. Most involves hitting (‘smacking’, ‘slapping’, ‘spanking’) children with the hand or with an implement – a whip, stick, belt, shoe, wooden spoon, etc. But it can also involve, for example, kicking, shaking or throwing children, scratching, pinching, biting, pulling hair or boxing ears, caning, forcing children to stay in uncomfortable positions, burning, scalding or forced ingestion.

What do you mean by sexual violence?

Sexual violence comprises any sexual activities imposed by an adult on a child against which the child is entitled to protection by criminal law. This includes: (a) The inducement or coercion of a child to engage in any unlawful or psychologically harmful sexual activity; (b) The use of children in commercial sexual exploitation; (c) The use of children in audio or visual images of child sexual abuse; and (d) Child prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual exploitation in travel and tourism, trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation (within and between countries), sale of children for sexual purposes and forced marriage. Sexual activities are also considered as abuse when committed against a child by another child if the offender is significantly older than the victim or uses power, threat or other means of pressure. Consensual sexual activities between children are not considered as sexual abuse if the children are older than the age limit defined by the State Party.

Signs to watch out for in your children to know whether they have been subject to any kind of violence:

first   I Feel Aggression is an expression, not a bad attitude!!!!!!….. as we spend time in understanding reasons behind other expressions why not this???, but this expression expects lot of patience!!!!!

second   Your Growing child is playing in brutal world never forget this!!!!

Third       Conduct is mirror to turmoil happening!!!!

 fourth   Depression is a very bad sign in a Child!!!!….

fifth    Your keen observation matters a lot when you bringing up your child!!!.

 Sixth      Fear is evident evidence to tackle your child’s silence…

seventh        Children in guilt are like dried flowers!!!

Don’t forget to share!!!!!……… We are grown up by a culture in which we believe God resides in Children!!!……….

Let the change we want, start from us, by getting educated and educating others as well, about these social evils in our society.

Resource : UNICEF website

Widow- It’s just a marital status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A girl Soul,
cribbed in womb.
laps of warmth,
wrapped the new born in white cloth.

Jingles on feet,
blended smile all over u can see.
Innocence was behold,
in trait of the toddler.

Mirror were those eyes,
for all elder’s desires.
From the day one
the dream of her marriage was on twine.

She was lucky charm
bearer of divine gleam
she was a fount of happiness
causing flurry of grief by her presence

Her marriage day,
she was made dress up in a queenly way.
Affectionately bought jewels made of rare gems,
was all what made her parent feel all satisfying.

She wore a grin,
was happy ,was sad somewhere in twig.
hard was that goodbye,
yet the love showed, made it facile

Curse you say or karma,
everything given was taken away in a second.
She is now a wretched stone,
Her presence is sole cause for all failures.

She deserves only pity,
her own family convinced her to swallow this recline misty.
even made her wear the complete white,
once was for hygiene now to keep up their custom

What she was for them???
To treat as per their rhythm???
once they said you bought us happiness
again they made her realize she has shipped the cursedness????
Once she was called as fortunate gem
Now called as hapless widow??!!!!

My lord

From blest cradle of demiurge
we all started our venture.
Your supreme power,
is an armor to your believer.

On my knees,
an entreaty from divine disguise
I feel forlorn
in your absence within me, my lord.

The quest for you
never is a rummage for me though,
like between the walls of temple
or in man made customs and rituals.

I believe, eternal is your presence,
in shimmer of reliance.
You always succored my soul to revive
when it was trapped in mud of lily-livered.

In amidst of nature,
watching testimonies of your virtuosity,
makes me discern the musing
happening inside of me,

waft makes me feel your quiddity,
ascertaining my conscious about your capability,
soul jilts the ego,
just inhales a grin
and murmurs in sane,
kid, we are just flurry……….
in front of his power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Ajeeb dil hai mere yaar!! ( Heart such a Weird, my friend)

We will be knowing there are people around who are suffering with problems more than us. Suffer or you say that’s the struggle which give meaning to the life. To our heart, until a predominant evidence is provided, see this person has problems more than you, it feels the most weakest.

Here is what happened at the most happening spot in office for women :D….. yes my lovely ladies u got me right i.e solution spot for all problems– Restroom/washroom :P……….. a colleague of mine seems to be very dull, exhausted since forth night, I just asked her how are you ???…seems tired???, We girls are like “Beer” in opening ourselves, her reply was in most bland way “haaaaaa….yaar teekh hu !!!!!!”(in prolonged way she said am ok)…….. I said be happy that’s the universal solution to get rid of something and to get best results from our doings!!!!!…….

To drag attention and push some energy into, I weaved and parallel started saying to her, “You know what Priyanka(Sorry for late introduction of my colleague or u say lead of the story :P) recently I met a person, who looks so blithe, enthusiastic though carries a bag full of medicines all along with him everywhere, He is suffering from so many health issues but by looking at him nobody can make this out.“ I asked him “Mr.X how could it be possible for you with these many issues being cheerful all the time????”, His answer was “I can’t get rid off this health issues, I should take intense care of mine, Why to lose the irreversible present because of something which can’t be changed??????????? Rather I found a way to be happy along with it!!!!!!!!!!…as am now!!!!!”

I went silent, Priyanka looked relived with smile she started speaking, “ufffffffffffff feeling so better dear by heart, thanks for speaking!!!!!!!”…..conveying her gratitude with so much energy and smile on her face she moved to door and I turned to mirror and asked “when did u met that Mr.X Asmithaaa????????? :D”

Ajeeb dil hai,
sambalna mushkil hai,
samjao use bache ki tarah.

jhoote kahani hi sahi,
kabhi kabhi bolte rehna.

sambhal jayega, kilkar har mushkilko nigal jayega!!!

The Rose


Girl was downhearted,
Selling this flower at street end
A flower with pleasant fragrance and contemplative color
Has not made its presence in life of that little.

She was trying to see through long distance
To get a customer to empty her basket.
She recited the cost many times
To plunder the attention of people lost in their vibes.

Her eyes were screening her pain,
A thorn of her life pricking her from inside.
She looked at every child passing by her
Murmured it just can be a day dream for her

People were celebrating
In fast food centers
Sipping coke, eating burger just as part of fun
Where an innocent soul
Was struggling to get one time food
To live through her doom!!!

People were cherishing with Mannequin
Took their selfies posing with it
Ignoring a breathing doll
Waving humbly at them to buy a rose.

Screaming vulnerably, Just for ten..Just for ten……….a doll’s play, rolls down at dusk of that day!!!!!!!!!!!