Why it was much more about grinding yourself over my body???Why it was today much more about making me get excited so that you enjoy the exciting ride???,Why it was much more about making me feel sensuous so that you feel seductive, today????…why it was not about adoring my body,today?….why it was not about loving this body to express the divine love for soul ???….rather why it went today being all about satisfying your physical need, satisfying your currents  through rubbing your restless penis…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S : Untold story of countless souls!

#Naked Truths

Untold story of a guitar

Hands on string (past!!!!)

It’s about dream of my friend:


Strapped  string on wood

is a dream from his childhood.


Musical patterns from string

moved him soon,

on first day of learn.


A desire bloomed

paved the path to learn,

rhythms of string

locked him in serene.


Was compassionately involved

angelic returned,

shadow of evil burned in heart.


It was journey of sea change

which altered him in whole,

a renaissance was happening though.


Wounds were healing

He was actually living

life seemed beautiful than ever,

reluctance, anger melted in him forever.


Sudden shut of Master’s door

burred him under mourn

It was moment of feeble

desire concealed for evermore.



These words came from me after listening to my best friend’s story behind Guitar.