With coffee


One day as normal I was sitting with my coffee……smell of beans as usual enthralling….. Wind from somewhere let that smell to escape from cup and reach me.. Probably smell of beans never asked that wind where are you from,why did u help me to escape…..Neither I tried on this puzzle…. Yet I fell in love with that smell.

Here I din’t think of any who helped me to fall in such divine love

It means am ungrateful?? Isn’t it?

I rushed to mighty lord  to ask this….He said

My Lil pie…. Sometimes you don’t question bcoz you are not destined for curtained answers,

I closed my eyes… Gazed my presence in romance I had with beans smell!!!

Forever in love with coffee,❤

My lord

From blest cradle of demiurge
we all started our venture.
Your supreme power,
is an armor to your believer.

On my knees,
an entreaty from divine disguise
I feel forlorn
in your absence within me, my lord.

The quest for you
never is a rummage for me though,
like between the walls of temple
or in man made customs and rituals.

I believe, eternal is your presence,
in shimmer of reliance.
You always succored my soul to revive
when it was trapped in mud of lily-livered.

In amidst of nature,
watching testimonies of your virtuosity,
makes me discern the musing
happening inside of me,

waft makes me feel your quiddity,
ascertaining my conscious about your capability,
soul jilts the ego,
just inhales a grin
and murmurs in sane,
kid, we are just flurry……….
in front of his power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.