Let go!!!!!!!

Let go of the bad memories, but never the attitude to correct your mistakes which is also a cause for it.

Let go of the failures faced, but never the thrive to overcome your limits.

Let go of the hurts, but never the decision to know the why you got hurt.

Let go of the past, but never the lessons bagged.

Let go of the dreams, but never the spirit of dreaming.

Let go of the loss, but never the path of hard work to posses.

Let go of the people, but never the place the personalities captured in your heart and mind.

Let go of the view, but never the vision.

Let go of the possessions, but never the emotion to stand by forever.

Let go of the self centeredness, but never the honoring yourself.

Because in life there are so many things which are more important than the once important to us,

Bad memories are viral and engage us in doing nothing. Correcting mistakes is one such better thing to spend the time on.

Failures reach us when we reach our self set limits. So the hardest way – “Overcoming” is what is worth to travel through.

Nobody can ever hurt us. WE GET HURT because we have lots of reasons behind. Go behind the reason instead of staying on “I have got hurt“….
Past is in past not in present. So it’s better to live again from the lessons learnt from past rather than just being there.

Sometimes we may not achieve all the things we have dreamt of. But that no where means to stop dreaming.

Loss sometimes should happen to know the value, to know the span each thing has in this world, to know we shouldn’t relay on anything ……

In life everybody have to move on… So people from relationships, those people might have been our strength. But let them go when they have to. But the feel of strength lives in us forever, which can never be gone when it is from the truest heart.

Vision is profound one where as view is just the surface one which never invoke you to think.

Possession can turn into weakness by making an individual feel bound. But the assurance the one can give to the other, to stand by all the time can never become a weakness.

The cooperativeness  we have with our surrounding makes us feel comfortable which no where means we have to compromise/ yield all the time.

Life is easy when it’s out of all binding!!!!!!!!!!

Will Scribble soon
Asmithaaa…..Never have an end!!!