Countryside Dream

Countryside dream

I have winged this,
When my heart says,
Unleash from curb
& take a swing miss.

Abode where I live in trance,
deep nights seem ceaseless.
Morning hue shiver the virile’ s
lingered ardent gasp……..

Vague manoeuvre,
in the meticulous embrace.
Supping the rufous wine,
innumerably absorbed by those split lines.

Urge for more wine,
or covet to dig in the gold mine,
gulping breath,
lips went in tilt.
scout’s hand around amber waist,
pulling her to him,
lips got locked in evincing depth.

Drenched in quaffing wine,
letting to mingle each other’s divine,
stupendous sharing,
of drunken wine.

Home where window,
let the wind of bow,
fondling the souls in serene,
causing gust to explore more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unimaginable musings

No strings attached Soul!!!



With coffee


One day as normal I was sitting with my coffee……smell of beans as usual enthralling….. Wind from somewhere let that smell to escape from cup and reach me.. Probably smell of beans never asked that wind where are you from,why did u help me to escape…..Neither I tried on this puzzle…. Yet I fell in love with that smell.

Here I din’t think of any who helped me to fall in such divine love

It means am ungrateful?? Isn’t it?

I rushed to mighty lord  to ask this….He said

My Lil pie…. Sometimes you don’t question bcoz you are not destined for curtained answers,

I closed my eyes… Gazed my presence in romance I had with beans smell!!!

Forever in love with coffee,❤


Drama starts like this…….

Curtains raises,
seen was about eyes,
of that senorita,
searching for whom caballero,
drilled entire words womb.

Urge took its first birth,
leaped into sea of cast.
Scenes went one on one,
caballero could made to her courtyard.

Words boarded first,
in no time voice sailed to that shore.
For split seconds of Queen,
man with love craved prolong.

He splashed his compassion,
in side out he could ever canvas.
Purity he saw in her heart,
Bought all smugness for the man with candour .

Nude expressions,
they spilled on faces,
profound in their way of being,
made them easy to perceive the grill.

She owns a shore of scar,
still he sailed on and on with his ardour for her.
He started having her in everything,
even lived the moments in gasp of night’s warmth.

He is drenched by her,
Or say by his musings in serene.
What that heart gonna get,
Is something time have to reveal.

“I had made love to you in dreams”
Words from him, luring, echoing in her ears.
She wonders, what thread in her,
made this affinity to occur.
Shall she let him breath her breath?, is what remained unresolved till drama ends…….

Never seen, hardly known to each, mysterious thread behold this shore and his heart…….

Life is such epic drama…..,

Flares spread!!!!!

Eternity heals the hurt

Cool breeze in it’s insane mood,
Pushing them to a enthralling mode.
magic of touch was unwind
through intoxicant warmth lid.

Fire of desire,
planned it’s arrival.
entwined, embraced the sheer,
melted the layer of humble.

Soul entered
the place of heavenly hood,
isolated from this sphere hood,
closeness was such one,
they could listen the beats of another one.

Wisdom, ego bowed down,
to the Entice the beauty held.
Visceral rumbling of solidarity
compelled them to a harmony.

Wrapped close by blanket of compassion,
plundering each others’ emotion.
maverick words were seeping,
irrevocable was that mingling .

Time to break the wear of shy,
moment to express the desire to stay,
both knew each others’ limits,
warmth was enough to make them forget their fears.
It was love couched in serene,
made them feel the eternity they are living with.

They miss the togetherness,
when they were at far distance.
it was never yearning, hankering, craving of a physicality,
it was their love expressed in most expressive way.
it’s impulsive preference to heal all their hurt.