Hidden part!!!!!!!!!………….

Yes it was there in me always, am just revealing it today!! …….inferiority is probably like this only. They strike us all the time, but we ignore them because we somewhere know we need to work really hard to overcome them. People find me very bold, strong and witty but their is a fragile part of me as well, who cries for very small thing, who very often feels vulnerable and drowns in fear of loosing and will do anything and everything until it gets consoled that she is not gonna lose, standing in front of mirror who feels ugly, doubts her tastes, what she has chose because she compares with others, who goes silent for some direct questions because of the doubt she has on her answers, who ends up with no hopes when she doesn’t believe herself, I think we all have this HIDDEN PART in us which sometimes in crowd makes us silent, makes us feel inferior to mingle up, make us cage our self to be alone.