Widow- It’s just a marital status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A girl Soul,
cribbed in womb.
laps of warmth,
wrapped the new born in white cloth.

Jingles on feet,
blended smile all over u can see.
Innocence was behold,
in trait of the toddler.

Mirror were those eyes,
for all elder’s desires.
From the day one
the dream of her marriage was on twine.

She was lucky charm
bearer of divine gleam
she was a fount of happiness
causing flurry of grief by her presence

Her marriage day,
she was made dress up in a queenly way.
Affectionately bought jewels made of rare gems,
was all what made her parent feel all satisfying.

She wore a grin,
was happy ,was sad somewhere in twig.
hard was that goodbye,
yet the love showed, made it facile

Curse you say or karma,
everything given was taken away in a second.
She is now a wretched stone,
Her presence is sole cause for all failures.

She deserves only pity,
her own family convinced her to swallow this recline misty.
even made her wear the complete white,
once was for hygiene now to keep up their custom

What she was for them???
To treat as per their rhythm???
once they said you bought us happiness
again they made her realize she has shipped the cursedness????
Once she was called as fortunate gem
Now called as hapless widow??!!!!

A story of someone…Probably a GIRL’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birth because of someone’s lust,
From day one in laps of WORST.
First name was Orphan,
She was for grant to everyone.


She could never remember her childhood,
Except her struggle for food.
Lost her hand to heed and daze the satisfied minds,
To collect some penny assuring her tomorrow’s sunrise.


Pity, sympathy, euphony’s akin shower,
never useful to fulfill her BREW HUNGER.


Teenage is a beautiful world,
how could it be same to that GIRL,
when her age becomes a thirsty hunter,
targeting her soul for brutal murder.


She was destined to a masquerades place,
where she has to win fury soul,
for whose jest she was just a object in whole.


Grim spread it’s wide wing,
she drowned brimful in sink of someone’s sin.
Waned by the world of barbarism,
where her count was in sarcasm.


Reverie lust mind left her in nude,
not just in dark room,
but also in her life of gruesome.

What was her mistake????,
to be born for a mistake of someone??????