Am not a Feminist!!….

Howbeit ‘M not a feminist!!!!!!!!!!!…So I sound against tussling women??!!!!!!!!!! , isn’t it

Am writing this to entire human race, a race believed, lived in pragmatic way since an era, believing in togetherness which is  irrespective of the religion they follow, language they use, tribe they belong to.  That race is still alive, living, infusing within themselves,  benevolence ( an extreme kindness), munificence(generosity) and altruism. I agree with you dear world, we find very few who have analogous believe, but believe me the count is certainly not none.
Why always solution is found in the extremist ways???? , You need not to oppose a gender in whole for the crucify and torment you have faced. Problem doesn’t lie in gender,race or religion, it’s in the Mentality!!!!!!!……. Target that.

How many examples we have, where a woman is against an other women, who is enjoying her common rights, right to speech( disobeying rituals followed as she doesn’t find it meaningful), freedom to think (who is dressed as per her like)…. In total what am saying is,Always target to change the mentality, not any gender, race or religion!!!!

Believe, have tendency to behold hope in your prolong quest to meet that race…HUMANE HUMAN RACE!!, they are alive!!!, it’s beautiful to live humane!!

I ask you, don’t you belong to such one race???!!… who believe, live unbound from any BINDED CONCEPTIONS!!.

DEBRIEF, QUESTION YOURSELF TODAY , you might see yourself part of such race one day!!!, towards peaceful world!!!

Asmithaaa…. Thirsty for being humane forever!!!

5 thoughts on “Am not a Feminist!!….

  1. Hello Ashmii,

    Hope you are doing good! Long time…

    You nailed it. It is always about mentality than anything. I am sad that none understands this bit. Great post.

    Have a good day!

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