Tea bag(myself) in boiling water!!!!

What was Barking,
The time, circumstance or voice of last  straw???
Making its effort pitting my hopes,
That’s all was there in its arms.
Secluded will power…..
establishing sturdy wear ,
Dint let cause even a budge by Whatever!!!!… By whatever…

With perpetual hopes……

ÀŠΜÎΤHÄ..!!!! ♥

In life’s Marathon run



The marathon starts the day we realize we only have to finish this run, becomes effortless when we explore why we are running. Heartbeat is the core resource for the run, so fill it up with the high spirit, and let your destination be a contemplative one, which seeks mandatorily calmness, humanity, and livelihood to get driven by. Destination may orient towards new direction in the span of run, different things and sudden changes always makes the run thrilled one… Sometimes we may find our self out of the track too, but there is no need to be worried when we are keen in choosing the driving force to reach our destination. In the journey of run, grab all that you can… Give more than you think you can…. Bag up every worthy thing which MONEY certainly can’t buy….. Let your memory be overflowed with beautiful memories your eyes captured, mind processed and heart preserved!!!

Lessons, failures, distractions should be like an energy drink for the run… When they become weights kept on our back, journey becomes tougher comparatively.

Keep running!!!!

Will scribble soon!!