Stay Strong


Few incidents are such very influential to lapse back with time, strange thing happened with me when I relived this whole year , I felt the after effects of my past incidents and my recent incident are gonna be same.

Talking about the recent incident, It’s been  almost dozen of days, am mostly like locked up inside house with the feel of handicapped . I deduce to agree on this saying “Life is never the same as what you wanted”, but i have heard few altered versions of this quote as well i.e. sometimes it is as you wanted,in my case at least this year,it wasn’t even a bit as I wanted.

I met with an accident, this time it was like , witnessing just being saved from outrageous crush of my body. One more bit to the “darkest days of my life”. Memory is a energy, it never gets destroyed ones it’s created. Darkest days are strongest memories in your memory network, in what you are today as much as nicest memories have their role the darkest too is paramount one.

Every time standoffish things happened in my life ,I recollect one common thing they thought is “STAY STRONG”…Am a person who is blessed with weak health,you must be thinking how can I say “weak health ” as blessed thing that’s because although of that, I always had guts to dream bigger ,work hard, do as much more as a healthy person would think to do,so it behaved always like catalyst in boosting me to do for passion. I have been always asked, suggested , why don’t you just be happy with a job you have and what ever small things you can do,why do you do so many things and be so hard to yourself????, to be frank sometimes even I have asked that to myself,the answer which reverberates from me  is “you are not the one who settles at small things and to be in peace you got to follow your heart”!!!… Yes that’s me, I cant’ deny or run away from it, this passion is my  kid ,a long about I gave birth to it, nurtured it, still nurturing..that’s the thing I should live and die for.

I tell you it’s not easy, people criticize ,people judge you on their experiences, it’s always difficult to convince over a point on which people have no experience or have no  cases and situations they  have came across and mostly they don’t want to pursue newer ones, then I concluded ,you need not to convince anyone , you just have to stay strong over your point, there is an exception for the above statement i.e. you will have few in your life ,who owe to be convinced those are your “Loved ones”, they ask to be convinced just to see how strong you are at your point not that they suspect you or not believe you and don’t worry they are always open for newer thoughts so they wouldn’t judge you.Be you with them.

So whatever happens, bad ,good,wished,unwanted ,don’t get carried away by the things you face from the people you are surrounded with, that uneven ,bitter experience is obvious, all are individual , all think differently, I know,you will be in suffering along with this judging thing does bother but staying strong to what you believe  is more important.

That’s all to say for now.

Yeah,Thank god, after long suffering, from  morning I see a relief from pain is gradually surrounding me. Thanks a lot my lord and my dear ones who stood by me at this time , Dhanzz(Dhanya Shree), Beni(Benish Balakrishnan) and Praji.
Thanks for the well wishes Vijay,Deep(gyandeep) and Berryyaa(Deepa Anil).


From mirror till reaching you

It’s the clear ambience,
where you can penetrate through your presence.
World of lone,
Unravels the stringent charade,
To read the unclad truth,
hidden under the ash of impersonate.


How long do you wear??,
without knowing your authentic fame.
Wake up your mind to see through,
when you are in place which is confined only to you.


Fakes are cursory,
strips off when they are weary.
Unbearable torment,
when soul is stripped off in mid of market.


It’s just not a reflection,
wholly soul in its perceptible complexion.
And it’s not a perplexing hue,
When you look through to be efficacious in knowing you.


Nail the traits, correct the mistakes of your inner soul,
instead of fitting in to interim veil.
Perpetual change is placid,
on sweeping the fakeness in us from deep-seated.

Let go!!!!!!!

Let go of the bad memories, but never the attitude to correct your mistakes which is also a cause for it.

Let go of the failures faced, but never the thrive to overcome your limits.

Let go of the hurts, but never the decision to know the why you got hurt.

Let go of the past, but never the lessons bagged.

Let go of the dreams, but never the spirit of dreaming.

Let go of the loss, but never the path of hard work to posses.

Let go of the people, but never the place the personalities captured in your heart and mind.

Let go of the view, but never the vision.

Let go of the possessions, but never the emotion to stand by forever.

Let go of the self centeredness, but never the honoring yourself.

Because in life there are so many things which are more important than the once important to us,

Bad memories are viral and engage us in doing nothing. Correcting mistakes is one such better thing to spend the time on.

Failures reach us when we reach our self set limits. So the hardest way – “Overcoming” is what is worth to travel through.

Nobody can ever hurt us. WE GET HURT because we have lots of reasons behind. Go behind the reason instead of staying on “I have got hurt“….
Past is in past not in present. So it’s better to live again from the lessons learnt from past rather than just being there.

Sometimes we may not achieve all the things we have dreamt of. But that no where means to stop dreaming.

Loss sometimes should happen to know the value, to know the span each thing has in this world, to know we shouldn’t relay on anything ……

In life everybody have to move on… So people from relationships, those people might have been our strength. But let them go when they have to. But the feel of strength lives in us forever, which can never be gone when it is from the truest heart.

Vision is profound one where as view is just the surface one which never invoke you to think.

Possession can turn into weakness by making an individual feel bound. But the assurance the one can give to the other, to stand by all the time can never become a weakness.

The cooperativeness  we have with our surrounding makes us feel comfortable which no where means we have to compromise/ yield all the time.

Life is easy when it’s out of all binding!!!!!!!!!!

Will Scribble soon
Asmithaaa…..Never have an end!!!

Dear parent

Parenthood, such a special, merrier feeling, one such eternity it holds, a phase of life where a soul finds capable of oneself to nourish another soul.

How many of you out there have prepared yourself while entering this phase of life??????
A sincere answer would help you for the profound interpolation at least now (It’s never too late when there is will to change).


Parenthood should never start with apathy, kinship liability for the newborn, I am the one because of which it can get existence on this earth otherwise they wouldn’t have made their life, I know everything and the new born knows nothing so it should be blindly follow me …

Instead, start your parenthood thinking till date I have learnt through my experience, through my overcoming attitude , being firm over my decisions, being sometimes dilemmatic as well, doing mistakes while learning, exploring, making up my journey through span, being compassionate, grateful, loyal, humble, kind, truthful which I have taken from the soul who have brought me up ….. So now you feel ahead of your journey with yet learning, growing, doing mistakes, exploring, you can help a newborn … you can support a bud to blossom its life.


Emotion of giving/doing for the needed is debt nonreturnable when done without any selfish thoughts. Be prepared to teach them effectively the treasured happiness present in helping, giving the one who need. Teach them to live with humanity….. When you are raising up a newborn to be “Humane Human being”, in your old age as a human with humanity the soul will not only understand, take care and stands as back bone for you but also would help other cursed homeless aged souls. It will by that time understood the value of support.


“Newborns are not life insurance policy that you invest on for future help” (This attitude sprouts the selfishness in relationships, help and expect return attitude)


Let your journey be a mutual exchange one… learn from them and help them learn!!!!…. The innocent soul sometimes unknowingly teaches such incredible life skills that if you keep yourself open you will be astonished for sure. Let yourself completely to make the new soul inculcate life’s basic skills, to love, to care, to be humble, to be grateful, to be satisfied, to be truthful, the acceptance attitude, to be compassionate towards their passion.


Inculcate in them to protest against the wrong, to be fearless, never teach them to tolerate, never teach them to bow head for wrong, teach them to stand firmly for their dreams and passion. “Firmness” is one such great trait!!!! Teach them to live for themselves, teach them to realize mentally how strong they are, that they can overcome anything and everything.


Why do you have to dream that an other soul should live as you decide, should breath even dream as per your wish??????, Let them weave their own dreams, let them define it in their way . Teach them to identify the evil this world has and just leave them to live, to explore, to do mistakes and be in your best way to teach them through their mistakes, keep your whole heart blessings as their armor, keep yourself as an invisible shadow of theirs to secure them, so that they be safe when required and yet feel the freedom of swing to take a leap in their journey!!!!


Just opened eyes to this world,
learning to learn to say a word.
on those backs there is a burden
of a desire to out-stand everyone.


Bests are defined comparative to someone,
how much is it correct?
no one ever thought.
Just flogged the dreams,
which have grew profoundly in a oner.


Consider each soul
as an individual.
Have their own traits,
need to be considered.

Let’s encourage them
to spread their wings real wide,
to achieve their dreams with spirits high,
don’t push your key for success lock,
pursuing dreams is a perfect key for that lock.


No one is perfect,
in this human market,
liveliness comes
learning through mistakes.
It’s really tough
to set milestone to oneself.


Overcome your limits
on daily basis,
let you be your
comparative reference!!!

Beauty in imperfection

I was standing in front of mirror. I heed the flaws on my skin( which is common for me all the time). Should I let the negative thoughts to bother me??? Mind towed the images of all those girls who have better skin (flawless one as per me) in front of my eyes. Suddenly my heart spoke something which jilted all passed by thoughts. Beauty actually lies in imperfection, mindfully look around, true beauty is in absence of artificiality!!!

Make up, make up tools have been used to hide the flaws. No doubt that make up enhances the beauty but in striving towards getting flawless look by makeup, unknowingly we get yielded to a thought “Flawlessness is Beauty”,… This seed is sowed in most of us today. The darkest part of this is that psychologically this is influencing us to hate the flaws we notice in our personality or the ones getting noticed by others. Flaws haunt us, suck the calmness in us, and engage us in bothering, being disturbed… Am not against make up, I have a umbrage for “antagonism, obtrusive we or society shows towards accepting FLAWS (Which is common in all)”

We were just a piece of mass
coddled as time passed
grew up in a mawkish womb
imperfection was irrevocable,
yet she treasured each view
knowing beauty lies in witnessing the grow!!!!


First we started crawling, then we tried to stand on our foot. We have no clue how many times our mother would have taught us to walk and how many times we have fallen down. Our each try, each failure chirped her, she knew the beauty lies in improving, in overcoming, in learning, in growing. She enjoyed that span of us to walk perfectly standing out to the imperfection!!!…

We all do mistakes, but the important thing is to learn from the them, to move ahead accepting our mistakes (flaws)…We should inculcate the attitude to appreciate the one who accept their mistakes and coax them to overcome their flaws.

Let’s start looking at things in a different way. There is a beauty in flaw… That’s the beauty which comes after we accept the flaws every soul have, after being ultimately optimistic towards flaws, after realizing flaws lead to learn, explore, experience new things… brings new change… makes us live transmutation… A Real Beauty!!!!!

Will scribble soon!!!

Never Miss To do!!!!

Each day it’s very important to wake up with lots of love for our-self.

It’s really necessary to have some vague plan to follow for the day(ALMOST FOR EVERYDAY).

Every situation has a brighter side to look in which can be seen if we stay calm, so keep yourself calm.

Whatever you do behind that let the intention be to either enrich your knowledge or to guard yourself from negativity or to spread love,care affection or to stay responsible never the intention be to feed your Ego.

At Dusk,take some time to share your problem and make your dear-ones to share as well…sharing always makes us feel better and sometimes our perspective makes the situation sound very tough where as when we share and gets to know others perspective which would very easy way of looking at the situation.

At the end of the day, feel guilty for the mistakes you have done on the day,think for the ways to follow so that you can prevent repeating.

None of the day you miss to give time to yourself, to do things which you like ,which keeps you alive and energetic . Never miss to see yourself in mirror everyday . Self interpolation is must will looking at yourself through the mirror.

Bedtime never miss to be grateful for everything you got.

These are few things which really gonna keep us happy for entire day.

Enjoy your day!!!!!!

Scribble soon!!!

We hang on to it!!!!

When we wake up, What’s the first thought that bangs our mind??? Which emotions wakes up in us first???, Which energy gets pushed into us first???, Isn’t it true that at foremost moment, Yesterday’s failure thoughts bang us???, Yesterday’s anger, unhappiness wakes up in us ???, Yesterday’s frustration, expectations, ego hurt energies get pushed into us???……….

Why… why is it so Amigos???

Look at this below pic


I Feel our emotions are like those water droplets which are residing on spider net, spider net is the energy which depends on the situation and the situation in the picture is the chain . Here a small energy on chain will demolish the entire structure, a small sun’s ray is enough to vaporize the water droplets. This interpretation certainly helps us in getting rid of the emotions we hang on to which are really very weak and have no existence on small demolish-able energy.

Folks, demolish such energy on every dawn. Let new energy to spread love, give happiness and to be different than yesterday get pushed into us!!!!

Will scribble soon…….

Let’s grab from nature!!!

I have always noticed, hardly few seconds I need to feel am part of this nature when I observe my surroundings keenly.

Thunder made me feel the determination it had to bring rain for the barren land by competing with strong lightening.

Enjoying, eating honey made me sense the sweetness could bring on working together.

Clouds covering the moon taught me to tackle the struggle we often have between good and bad in heart

Pinkish clouds at sunset time made me feel a girl shy by warmth embrace.

Darkness in new moon day taught me the HOPE ,it had in immense for full moon.

Flock moving pushed the lesson of happiness in being together.

Aligned Ants laughed at me and said its beautiful to be disciplined.

Singing bird was saying I sing, not because you like because I love to.

Caterpillar becoming butterfly which had ten days span made fun of me and asked ,look at me human for ten days span I go through such complex cycle and make my span beautiful, but YOU?????

Blossoming flower was whispering I don’t care how long I Live.

Continuously trying kitten to climb tree, birdie to learn flying high, Nevertheless of failing, inspired me not to give up in life!!

Among animals when mothers signals the small ones to fly , climb, roar, swim, hunt small ones just follow without second thought which mesmerized me and proved the fearlessness a believe can create.

Watching sky, finding some pattern out of stars brought back the child in me which becomes happy, feel as achiever on winning simple race of eating fast 😀

Folks, I must say Nature is truly mesmerizing, give time to get lost in it!!!!!!!

Will Scribble soon!

You taught me this !!!!!!

20131008_171910_Church_Compound_Rd[1] Hello Amigos…. Even Nature holds both ‘start’ and ‘end’ at same instant. That’s the reality. Where we see the end, there will be a beginning as well. Looking at the plant, what I realized was we are just a nano part of this immense nature, we are little in comparison with nature, less responsibility compare to the mother nature, our life span is less complex in reality….. So we really can see those two paces easily in same instant… Keep loving yourself, be alive…. see you sooon!!!!!