Dancing Feet!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was first day for restart. I had been for joining new dance school, which reminded me the day, for the first time I joined dance school.

All the memories, struggle, lessons, dreams, tears, tough decisions were waking up as foot was slamming for the rhythms. Could live that body ache after foremost show practice, that first appreciation, that excitement for the first show, that dramatic makeup, that exquisite costume all that passed by me…..

I was small when dance allured me to great extent. A dream blossomed in the little heart to keep learning dance, living for dance till last breath, a desire of becoming impeccable dancer sprouted in me….. I was so much indulged in living dance that I dint notice when the essence of dance blended so profoundly in me…..

Was really happy dancing around, tapping feet for music. But then nightmarish took birth, my parents started insisting me to stop dancing, hard rejection was built for my point of view… The situation was like black clouds rolling up and hiding the moon. I was completely shattered, scared of losing my dream, was feeling alone when parental hands dried off to support and nourish my dreams……..
When there is will, you find some way to live up to it. Stood up firmly for all storms, tackled situation with lord’s blessings, and continued dancing irrespective to everything that came in my way….

Gonna continue forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Compassionate about dance, !!!!!

will scribble soon!!!!