Stay Strong


Few incidents are such very influential to lapse back with time, strange thing happened with me when I relived this whole year , I felt the after effects of my past incidents and my recent incident are gonna be same.

Talking about the recent incident, It’s been  almost dozen of days, am mostly like locked up inside house with the feel of handicapped . I deduce to agree on this saying “Life is never the same as what you wanted”, but i have heard few altered versions of this quote as well i.e. sometimes it is as you wanted,in my case at least this year,it wasn’t even a bit as I wanted.

I met with an accident, this time it was like , witnessing just being saved from outrageous crush of my body. One more bit to the “darkest days of my life”. Memory is a energy, it never gets destroyed ones it’s created. Darkest days are strongest memories in your memory network, in what you are today as much as nicest memories have their role the darkest too is paramount one.

Every time standoffish things happened in my life ,I recollect one common thing they thought is “STAY STRONG”…Am a person who is blessed with weak health,you must be thinking how can I say “weak health ” as blessed thing that’s because although of that, I always had guts to dream bigger ,work hard, do as much more as a healthy person would think to do,so it behaved always like catalyst in boosting me to do for passion. I have been always asked, suggested , why don’t you just be happy with a job you have and what ever small things you can do,why do you do so many things and be so hard to yourself????, to be frank sometimes even I have asked that to myself,the answer which reverberates from me  is “you are not the one who settles at small things and to be in peace you got to follow your heart”!!!… Yes that’s me, I cant’ deny or run away from it, this passion is my  kid ,a long about I gave birth to it, nurtured it, still nurturing..that’s the thing I should live and die for.

I tell you it’s not easy, people criticize ,people judge you on their experiences, it’s always difficult to convince over a point on which people have no experience or have no  cases and situations they  have came across and mostly they don’t want to pursue newer ones, then I concluded ,you need not to convince anyone , you just have to stay strong over your point, there is an exception for the above statement i.e. you will have few in your life ,who owe to be convinced those are your “Loved ones”, they ask to be convinced just to see how strong you are at your point not that they suspect you or not believe you and don’t worry they are always open for newer thoughts so they wouldn’t judge you.Be you with them.

So whatever happens, bad ,good,wished,unwanted ,don’t get carried away by the things you face from the people you are surrounded with, that uneven ,bitter experience is obvious, all are individual , all think differently, I know,you will be in suffering along with this judging thing does bother but staying strong to what you believe  is more important.

That’s all to say for now.

Yeah,Thank god, after long suffering, from  morning I see a relief from pain is gradually surrounding me. Thanks a lot my lord and my dear ones who stood by me at this time , Dhanzz(Dhanya Shree), Beni(Benish Balakrishnan) and Praji.
Thanks for the well wishes Vijay,Deep(gyandeep) and Berryyaa(Deepa Anil).


Let’s grab from nature!!!

I have always noticed, hardly few seconds I need to feel am part of this nature when I observe my surroundings keenly.

Thunder made me feel the determination it had to bring rain for the barren land by competing with strong lightening.

Enjoying, eating honey made me sense the sweetness could bring on working together.

Clouds covering the moon taught me to tackle the struggle we often have between good and bad in heart

Pinkish clouds at sunset time made me feel a girl shy by warmth embrace.

Darkness in new moon day taught me the HOPE ,it had in immense for full moon.

Flock moving pushed the lesson of happiness in being together.

Aligned Ants laughed at me and said its beautiful to be disciplined.

Singing bird was saying I sing, not because you like because I love to.

Caterpillar becoming butterfly which had ten days span made fun of me and asked ,look at me human for ten days span I go through such complex cycle and make my span beautiful, but YOU?????

Blossoming flower was whispering I don’t care how long I Live.

Continuously trying kitten to climb tree, birdie to learn flying high, Nevertheless of failing, inspired me not to give up in life!!

Among animals when mothers signals the small ones to fly , climb, roar, swim, hunt small ones just follow without second thought which mesmerized me and proved the fearlessness a believe can create.

Watching sky, finding some pattern out of stars brought back the child in me which becomes happy, feel as achiever on winning simple race of eating fast 😀

Folks, I must say Nature is truly mesmerizing, give time to get lost in it!!!!!!!

Will Scribble soon!