Felt the space!!!

Clobbered Clouds,
enticed her soul from repose.
Infinite droplets on casement,
lingered her to enigmatic state.

Music of rain was syncing,
to the ticker’s journey of remembering.
Lightening was striking those eyes,
which were anticipating someone’ s presence.

Palm drifted across the window glass
perceived the chill
the drizzle had devised.

Pulchritude it was,
the artistry of dews.
Rapture was that delight,
yet heart swayed to the twilight,
about the emptiness lodged,
between those fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Felt the space!!!

  1. I don’t know what to say even though you post something once in a week or two you make sure it is worth reading. Once again you showed that you have that skill required to write lovely poems like these.Having thoughts and putting it beautifully into words both are equally important i guess 🙂

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