Just opened eyes to this world,
learning to learn to say a word.
on those backs there is a burden
of a desire to out-stand everyone.


Bests are defined comparative to someone,
how much is it correct?
no one ever thought.
Just flogged the dreams,
which have grew profoundly in a oner.


Consider each soul
as an individual.
Have their own traits,
need to be considered.

Let’s encourage them
to spread their wings real wide,
to achieve their dreams with spirits high,
don’t push your key for success lock,
pursuing dreams is a perfect key for that lock.


No one is perfect,
in this human market,
liveliness comes
learning through mistakes.
It’s really tough
to set milestone to oneself.


Overcome your limits
on daily basis,
let you be your
comparative reference!!!

15 thoughts on “Comparison…..

  1. beautiful.. yes no one is perfect and why would one want ot be perfect , I dont want ot be perfect because then where’s the spice of life in that .. it will get too boring to be perfect

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