One such letter

I read it many times,
Locking  myself to that musings.
Trance whispering near my ears,
Hey Let’s just get lost,
In that unsullied wits….

Enticing words,
Enthralling rubric of these seconds.
It was Quintessence of Pungent,
Of that caballero in haste.

On a twig of never knew,
Urge incite this hue.
Words gave the feel of touch,
Goosebumps ornate the physique in whole.

Dear heart decipher this prevalent pull,
Inhaled on first puff of it’s dwell.
Under blanket of serene,
In love to live that moment which were in words took it’s birth on urge.!!!!!

Wrote imagining to have received one such letter!!!

7 thoughts on “One such letter

  1. I must say, your writing has gone to a different level now. I still remember reading your first post, and now…… you are at a different height completely.. Cheers to that pal…

    Now for the post, really beautiful.. I just loved your imagination… Fav lines:
    “I read it many times,
    Locking myself to that musings.
    Trance whispering near my ears,
    Hey Let’s just get lost,
    In that unsullied wits….”

    Coz i really read it many many times.. has such a beautiful feel to it… just fell in love with the poem… 🙂


  2. Superb! I recalled reading old letters my Amma owns… It also made me nostalgic… Very thought of writing letters was always fascinating to me! Sometimes I think that I must write a letter… Your poem reminded me those thoughts… Thank you!

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂 Wishing you and your family a very happy calendar year 2015 🙂

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