From mirror till reaching you

It’s the clear ambience,
where you can penetrate through your presence.
World of lone,
Unravels the stringent charade,
To read the unclad truth,
hidden under the ash of impersonate.


How long do you wear??,
without knowing your authentic fame.
Wake up your mind to see through,
when you are in place which is confined only to you.


Fakes are cursory,
strips off when they are weary.
Unbearable torment,
when soul is stripped off in mid of market.


It’s just not a reflection,
wholly soul in its perceptible complexion.
And it’s not a perplexing hue,
When you look through to be efficacious in knowing you.


Nail the traits, correct the mistakes of your inner soul,
instead of fitting in to interim veil.
Perpetual change is placid,
on sweeping the fakeness in us from deep-seated.

13 thoughts on “From mirror till reaching you

  1. 🙂 right well this is WE.. or what we have become I guess .. we like the fakeness .. but you are right we need to get rid of it all

    it is the same thing people go to Temples-gurudwara’s and take a holy dip in the Ganges and other holy places But all that does is (maybe) cleans the dirt they have on their skin but what about the dirt inside , in thier heart and soul .. That remains and no dips clear that no matter where the Dip is ..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Chitali,
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, am satisfied when avid, thoughtful, responsible readers like you feel the writing is motivating, thanks again for expressing and inspiring me!!!!


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