Dear parent

Parenthood, such a special, merrier feeling, one such eternity it holds, a phase of life where a soul finds capable of oneself to nourish another soul.

How many of you out there have prepared yourself while entering this phase of life??????
A sincere answer would help you for the profound interpolation at least now (It’s never too late when there is will to change).


Parenthood should never start with apathy, kinship liability for the newborn, I am the one because of which it can get existence on this earth otherwise they wouldn’t have made their life, I know everything and the new born knows nothing so it should be blindly follow me …

Instead, start your parenthood thinking till date I have learnt through my experience, through my overcoming attitude , being firm over my decisions, being sometimes dilemmatic as well, doing mistakes while learning, exploring, making up my journey through span, being compassionate, grateful, loyal, humble, kind, truthful which I have taken from the soul who have brought me up ….. So now you feel ahead of your journey with yet learning, growing, doing mistakes, exploring, you can help a newborn … you can support a bud to blossom its life.


Emotion of giving/doing for the needed is debt nonreturnable when done without any selfish thoughts. Be prepared to teach them effectively the treasured happiness present in helping, giving the one who need. Teach them to live with humanity….. When you are raising up a newborn to be “Humane Human being”, in your old age as a human with humanity the soul will not only understand, take care and stands as back bone for you but also would help other cursed homeless aged souls. It will by that time understood the value of support.


“Newborns are not life insurance policy that you invest on for future help” (This attitude sprouts the selfishness in relationships, help and expect return attitude)


Let your journey be a mutual exchange one… learn from them and help them learn!!!!…. The innocent soul sometimes unknowingly teaches such incredible life skills that if you keep yourself open you will be astonished for sure. Let yourself completely to make the new soul inculcate life’s basic skills, to love, to care, to be humble, to be grateful, to be satisfied, to be truthful, the acceptance attitude, to be compassionate towards their passion.


Inculcate in them to protest against the wrong, to be fearless, never teach them to tolerate, never teach them to bow head for wrong, teach them to stand firmly for their dreams and passion. “Firmness” is one such great trait!!!! Teach them to live for themselves, teach them to realize mentally how strong they are, that they can overcome anything and everything.


Why do you have to dream that an other soul should live as you decide, should breath even dream as per your wish??????, Let them weave their own dreams, let them define it in their way . Teach them to identify the evil this world has and just leave them to live, to explore, to do mistakes and be in your best way to teach them through their mistakes, keep your whole heart blessings as their armor, keep yourself as an invisible shadow of theirs to secure them, so that they be safe when required and yet feel the freedom of swing to take a leap in their journey!!!!

26 thoughts on “Dear parent

  1. Very well said asmithaaa…. I totally agree with your words,… Parenthood is a very divine feel, and also a very big responsibility. You should be careful enough.. There is a thin line between taking good care, and overriding their dreams and thoughts… That has to be taken care… But what a beautiful thought you have.. god bless you dear… cheers…….

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    • Yeah those sensitive part as to be taken care .. Thank you so much for your words , spending time for reading and commenting :),,…means a lot for me 🙂


  2. Well said….very nice…please I want you to read a post called Let’s talk about F on my page…not the post per se but a poem mentioned last in the post by Khalil Gibran in connection to what a child is…good perspective…


  3. Today i had nothing to write an article.but your article made my day.well done sir. cheers 🙂
    May be to morrow i may have to stop blogging and forget you guys but articles like these will stay in my heart.Thanks for posting 🙂


      • it look likes i won’t stop in near days.whenever i feel my ink is finished to write more i get something from somewhere.sometimes it feel am i writing nonsense etc.etc.
        anyway have a great day 🙂


  4. Hey Ashmii,

    Nice post once again. Like Like.

    I have one in my drafts from sometime. Will roll that out, kind of similar post.

    Have a great day 🙂


  5. Dear Asmithaaa,
    Found you through Holistic Wayfarer (
    Your style is fun to read and its great to discover you through your posts.
    I really connected with your post on being a parent, as I am one to two amazing young boys.

    I completely agree with your views on parenting and found some of your thoughts harking back to one of my favourite poems on parenting penned by Khalil Gibran. I share a few lines here that mean a lot to me:
    ‘Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.’

    I read this long before my children were born and as I watch them grow every single day, I remember the profound words. Thank you for reminding me yet again.
    Happy to have met you.


  6. Nicely said Asmithaaa. We, as parents, are there to let our kids be, to guide them but not let our ideas decide who they should be. We have to create a special place for them to feel free and secure.
    I always feel like our kids are entrusted to us by God.
    Take care.


  7. good one mam. I hope parents get to read… sometimes people become parents because of wrong reasons.. .

    but then parenthood has become very very difficult in these days …


    • Hmmmm …….Everyone have their perspective……… Individual can think independently and make their new born think independently, instead of getting influenced by society ………


  8. Well Written Asmithaaa….Agree with your thoughts completely. I so Believe in same.
    It’s so good to connect with people like you through blogging.
    I think besides teaching kids all the time there so much to learn from them. Have written something
    about Parenting in my blog earlier would love to hear your thoughts on same whenever you get time.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, appreciation Priyanki and for the time you have spent in my world…… :)…. Yeah I have read your that post regarding Parenting :)…….


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